Blue Throat Yoga Core Curriculum

Blue Throat Yoga offers five progressive study courses that fit together to create a coherent and profoundly effective trajectory of deep meditation practice and study in the Non-Dual Tantric tradition.  The Blue Throat Yoga Core Curriculum is a deep immersion into practices and teachings that will assist any sincere student to transform their perspective and capacity in life.

Advanced students who have completed the core curriculum and retreat requirements may then apply for the beautiful and profound Authorized Teacher preparation, SadaShivacharya.

Entering the Heart of Shiva

is the flagship course of the Blue Throat Yoga core curriculum. This six-month course has been offered each year since  2007.

In the rich context of a very in-depth curriculum, serious students receive a deeply transformative trajectory of study and practices from the Kashmir Shaiva-Shakta tradition. This course encompasses the traditional teachings of the Sāmānya Samaya Dīkṣā, or “general” body of study and practice on this path.

Abiding in the Khecari Mudra

is the second level of study in the Blue Throat Yoga core curriculum. This one-year course is the first half of the Viśeṣa Samaya Dīkṣā (specialized study and practice), in which graduates from Entering the Heart of Shiva are guided into truly profound understandings and sublime practice experiences that permit further immersion into the Khecari Mudra– the spiritual gesture of Consciousness that moves in the Supreme Space.

This course, centered on the pillar practice of Neelakantha Meditation, offers the tools and practices to soar in the Great Space of Consciousness, and to anchor the light in your deepest heart.

Trika Hridaya

is a one-year course which completes the Samaya-Dīkṣā process, bringing students to a holistic understanding and solidified experiential knowledge of the liberative path of the non-dual Kashmir Shaiva-Shakta tradition. By providing the tools and experience to firmly establish a living relationship with the Highest, students reach a more fulfilled expression of their own inner wisdom.

The Trika Hridaya course includes new teachings and practices from the Shaiva Tantra lineage, as well as consolidation and refinement of teachings introduced in the Entering the Heart of Shiva and Abiding in the Khecari Mudra courses. Students participating in Trika Hridaya also enroll in Paul Muller-Ortega’s powerful and enriching Shiva Sutras Seminar at no extra cost.

Rashmi Chakra Mahan

RCM invites students to enter into the deep exploration of the Nirvāṇa Dīkṣā. This coherent sequence of moving through the Samaya Dīkṣā into the Nirvāṇa Dīkṣā is a powerful model for the fundamental methods of the unfolding of Consciousness and the upliftment of life.

At the Nirvāṇa Dīkṣā level of practice and study, root patterns of limitation are slowly dissolved to reveal and transform life into a more enlightened way of being. The practices and teachings of Rashmi Chakra Mahan assist in the dissolution of the āṇava-mala, and reveal the specific limiting patterns that are being animated. In the Nirvāṇa Dīkṣā, students progressively replace habitual modes of ignorance with beneficial vāsanās for Liberation, and begin to locate their identity in the Unbounded Space of the Heart.

Although the formal Rashmi Chakra Mahan course is one-year, it sets the tone for a lifetime practice of living from and as one’s Highest Self.

Nirvana Diksha Immersion

is a one-year course offering advanced-level practice and teachings of the Nirvāṇa Dīkṣā educational process. Students are guided into a modality of advanced practice establishing a life-long evolution of deep and meaningful sādhanā. Students at this level are increasingly living in the stream of moment-by-moment awareness, and become more capable of articulating their expanding wisdom from the depth of illuminated insight (bhāvanā). In this process we uncover the recognition and skill to radically transform and illuminate our experience of identity within our engagement in daily life, and truly begin to understand what it means to live from an Enlightened Heart.

  Svatantra means freedom – the domain of freedom, the domain of the absolute,
the self-sufficient, autonomous, independent domain of reality upon which
everything else is based. The opening to that spaciousness and vastness
of the unboundedness of life – from which every individual structure,
every form, every sequence, every evolution of life is arising –
is truly exquisite yet indescribable.