Advanced Study Courses


Paul Muller-Ortega teaches three progressive study courses that fit together to create a coherent and profoundly effective course of deep meditation practice and study in the Tantric tradition.  He is now also teaching others how to teach Neelakantha Meditation through a specialized course of study.

Entering the Heart of Shiva

Entering the Heart of Shiva (EHS) is the first and essential process of Tantric Sadhana or spiritual practice and development.  EHS offers the Sāmanya Samaya Dīkṣā, where you begin the fundamental process of melting the frozen ice of the āṇava-mala, or root fears, contractions, and limitations.

The āṇava-mala must first be melted through various practices because it is petrified contraction of limitation. It is rock solid, deeply subtle, and creates the basic patterns of limitation, ignorance, suffering, and divine forgetfulness that shape individual awareness. Once it begins to melt, we can begin to laser focus on the powerful and exquisite process of reshaping and uplifting life altogether from the inside out. We begin to create a pattern for life that is expansive, Light-filled, and liberating from the ground up.

Tree of Life, Amazing Banyan TreeAbiding in the Khecari Mudra

The second level of study is the second half of the Samaya Dīkṣā, the Viśeṣa Samaya Dīkṣā, in which graduates from Entering the Heart of Shiva are guided into truly profound understandings and sublime experiences that permit further immersion into the inner folds of freedom and joy in householder life.

In the Tantric tradition, the Khecari Mudra is the spiritual gesture of Consciousness that moves in the Supreme Space. This course teaches you the tools and practices to soar in the Great Space of Consciousness. To anchor the light in your deepest heart. To return more fully inside and rest in your highest Self. This course supports that process by providing the tools, understandings, and practices that are necessary to soar in the Great Ocean of Bliss with the unparalleled practices and teachings of the Householder Tradition. Students engage deeply with advanced study of the Matrika Shakti, the Yoga Sutras, the Tantraloka, the Ganapati Mantras, the Sri Rudram, the Nyasa Mantras and so much more.

  Svatantra means freedom – the domain of freedom, the domain of the absolute,
the self-sufficient, autonomous, independent domain of reality upon which
everything else is based. The opening to that spaciousness and vastness
of the unboundedness of life – from which every individual structure,
every form, every sequence, every evolution of life is arising –
is truly exquisite yet indescribable.

Tree of Life, Amazing Banyan TreeRashmi Chakra Mahan

Having stepped through the portal of the complete Samaya Dīkṣā, students are then invited to enter into the deep exploration of the Nirvāṇa Dīkṣā in the Rashmi Chakra Mahan course. This coherent sequence of moving through the Samaya Dīkṣā into the Nirvāṇa Dīkṣā is a powerful model for the fundamental methods of the unfolding of Consciousness and the upliftment of life.

At the Nirvāṇa Dīkṣā level of practice and study, root patterns of limitation are slowly dissolved to reveal and  transform life into a more enlightened way of being. The practices and teachings of Rashmi Chakra Mahan assist in the dissolution of the āṇava-mala,  and reveal the specific limiting patterns that are being animated. From there, students work to strongly counteract those patterns. In the Nirvāṇa Dīkṣā, students progressively replace habitual modes of ignorance with beneficial Vāsanās for Liberation, and begin to locate their identity in the Unbounded Space of the Heart.

Tree of Life, Amazing Banyan Tree


Paul Muller-Ortega is now teaching others the process of teaching Neelakantha Meditation. Students in Entering the Heart of Shiva and up are invited to declare their desire and intention to teach Neelakantha Meditation through the expert guidance and instruction of Paul Muller-Ortega’s more than forty-seven year meditation practice, arduous personal sadhana, and scholarly teaching. Graduates of Rashmi Chakra Mahan are invited to apply for SadaShivacharya.