Shiva Sutras Seminar

The Shiva Sutras, an extraordinary, rich and nuanced text revered by many spiritual traditions, emits a powerful wisdom stream on the topic of systematic practice and the spiritual path, the nature of Reality and human awareness.  It is a key guide to opening a mystical perspective on life for any spiritual practitioner including students of yoga, meditation, the science of Consciousness and those seeking to engage in personal as well as planetary transformation. The text is truly Universal in what it articulates about the nature of Consciousness.

Shiva Sutras Seminar 2022

Join Paul Muller-Ortega for:

– Eight Live Webinars
– Wisdom Studies
– Online Library
– Text Translation and Commentary by Paul Muller-Ortega
– And Much More!

Students currently enrolled in 2022 Blue Throat Yoga study courses are eligible for special pricing (see registration form for details.)

This webinar series is open and accessible to anyone.  Those new to the Shiva Sutras will be introduced to the key concepts in a sequential and approachable manner, while more advanced students will dive ever more deeply to refresh, enliven and activate greater understanding and insight.  All students will benefit from working with master teacher Paul Muller-Ortega who has been immersed in in-depth study and translation of this text for nearly 50 years. His grasp of the deep teaching this text encodes and his ability to eloquently share that knowledge make this an important opportunity for students of all levels to study and experience personal growth.

Paul Muller-Ortega is uniquely qualified to offer these potent teachings, drawing upon the synergy of his long career as an academic scholar, his particular capacity to translate complex ideas and concepts into easily accessible and comprehensible understanding, and a personal history of deep meditation and extensive practice in the Shaiva Tantra tradition.

Recordings of Previous Courses

Shiva Sutra Series

The groundbreaking “Visions of Luminous Consciousness: The Shiva Sutra Teachings” is an ongoing series of original translations and teachings on the foundational text of the Tantric Shaiva tradition.  Each series contains three live sessions that give access to the powerful principles, teachings, and themes presented in the Shiva Sutras, especially those that are most relevant and useful to daily life and the path of sadhana, or spiritual practice.

The Shiva Sutras direct our attention beyond all limiting ideas of self,
all contracted notions of identity, and all finite constructions of the intellect,
to a sublime space of the uttermost Consciousness within us.
It is there, in what comes to be called the pulsating Heart of Shiva,
that we each arrive at our final spiritual destination, our true home, and our
deepest embodiment of what is most real, most valuable, and most meaningful.

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