Teacher Preparation


Students who have completed the Nirvana Diksha Immersion course, and have fulfilled all practice and retreat requirements are invited to apply for SadaShivacharya, the rigorous and beautiful path of the Acharya Diksha– the process of preparing to teach Neelakantha Meditation to others.

As with all Blue Throat Yoga programs, the practice of Neelakantha Meditation is the foundational platform upon which one opens access to the paurusha jnana– the experiential knowledge of Consciousness– that creates inner transformation, and predicates the ability to teach. This wisdom, along with the years of intellectual preparation in the preceding Blue Throat Yoga study programs create the environment in which a teacher can be developed.

The SadaShivacarya process is a minimum of eighteen months, in two phases, in which Paul Muller-Ortega’s decades of practice, teaching and scholarship guide advanced students from being “Knowers of Reality” to being authentic “Exponents of Reality.” Authorized Teachers (Acharyas) offer diksha into Neelakantha Meditation, teach Blue Throat Yoga study courses, and develop their own local offerings. See the Authorized Teachers Directory page to acquaint yourself with Blue Throat Yoga teachers.