Neelakantha Meditation

Our gatherings for Neelakantha Meditation practitioners are now online.

bluemoonwaterNeelakantha Meditation is an elegant and profound meditation practice that draws you into your Deepest Self, giving you access to more bliss, peace, and ease in life.

This simple twice-daily practice can be done anywhere you can safely close your eyes, making it possible to build it into the context of a busy schedule, amid all the demands of Householder life. When you learn Neelakantha Meditation, you also receive the knowledge you need to understand and integrate your experiences in deep meditation. But you don’t need any prior experience or background to learn the practice, and enjoy the benefits of Neelakantha Meditation.

Initiation into Neelakantha Meditation happens several times throughout the year. Please check the Schedule Page for details about a Meditation Course with a Blue Throat Yoga Authorized Teacher near you.

Watch a brief overview of Neelakantha Meditation and why we meditate given by Paul.

Neelakantha Meditation Initiation

EugeneInitiation2013The Neelakantha Meditation Initiation Course is a two-day instructional experience that includes learning an elegant, powerful and deeply effective practice for systematically exploring and progressively journeying into the deeper spaces of Consciousness. During the course, Paul offers instruction in the method of Neelakantha Meditation, as well as a very clear, specific understanding of the theoretical context and foundational principles of this powerful practice.

The elegant, daily practice of Neelakantha Meditation is offered through formal in-person instruction (Initiation) by Paul Muller-Ortega and Blue Throat Yoga Authorized Teachers in multiple locations each year.

To learn Neelakantha Meditation Level 1 Practice from a Blue Throat Yoga Authorized Teacher, see the Authorized Teachers Directory and search by region for a course near you.

Paul Muller-Ortega offers Level 1 Neelakantha Meditation Initiation at Vibrating Silence Retreats in Joshua Tree, California three times per year. And you may learn your Level 1 practice from Paul or a Blue Throat Yoga Authorized Teacher at select Neelakantha Meditation Immersions and weekend events with Paul. Visit the Schedule Page for specific details.

Advanced Initiation (levels 2 and above) is available exclusively from Paul Muller-Ortega at weekend events, Neelakantha Meditation Mandalas and Retreats. Read more about Advanced Initiation.

  Our practice of Neelakantha Meditation is an ancient, beautiful, sophisticated and deeply refined method by means of which we come to know this transcendental, mysterious, deeply present reality of everything everywhere. The first and most important place we come to know it is within ourselves.

BTY-NM-BrochureNeelakantha Meditation is easy to learn and practice, and is governed by the principle of effortlessness. It does not involve concentration, controlling the mind, or other forms of effortful manipulation of awareness. It does not require that you have any particular beliefs, any previous study or specific background in order to learn it and practice it with great benefit. For this reason, it is a practice that anyone can learn. Even those who have had difficulty meditating in the past are surprised at how easily and deeply they can meditate after receiving Initiation into Neelakantha Meditation.


Through the practice of  Neelakantha Meditation, you will find highly effective access to:

  • Transform and grow in the direct experience of your own deepest reality and live everything that you are meant to live.
  • Journey into the deeper spaces of consciousness to more fully access freedom, creativity, ease, clarity, and the riches of life itself.
  • Deep insight, steadiness, love, and increasing delight in daily life.

PinkLotusYour in-person individual instruction is just the beginning of a lifetime of practice. Once you’ve learned, you will be fully equipped with the technique and understanding to practice on your own each day with extraordinary benefit and ongoing support. Your ongoing daily meditation practice will then be supported and enriched in several important ways through ongoing support from Blue Throat Yoga.

In this rich combination of ongoing daily practice and study, you will continue to deepen and refine the practice of Neelakantha Meditation and the knowledge of the specific context and foundational principles underlying the practice, which is rooted in SvaTantra – the Tantric teachings of the ultimate freedom of Consciousness.

Foundational Course of Practice & Study

  • Formal, in-person Initiation into the practice of Neelakantha Meditation, including expert instruction of the theory and understanding of the practice
  • Live, interactive Meditation Practice Webinars
  • Online library of pre-recorded teachings and study materials to support your practice and understanding
  • The process of stabilizing your practice and continuing to deeply learn the theory of the practice
  • Email support for your practice
  • Special Live Satsang Teleseminars for all Neelakantha Meditation practitioners
  • Instruction into powerful, supportive practices including the Release Practice and Japa & Chanting Mantras that help elevate and navigate daily life
  • Original scholarly translation and commentary on classical Tantric texts by renowned scholar Paul Muller-Ortega, including the Śiva Sūtras, the Pratyabhijñā-Hṛdayam of Kṣemarāja and more that directly enliven your meditation experience
  • Attendance at Day Two of any subsequent Initiation at no cost in order to refresh and strengthen your practice
  • Opportunity to up-level your meditation experience with Advanced Initiation after 18 months of practice
  • Eligibility to attend life-changing Vibrating Silence Retreats

Advanced Neelakantha Meditation Initiation

Advanced Initiation brings you progressively deeper into the refinement, revelation, and delights of Consciousness inside to further enliven your experience of meditation and every facet of life altogether.

  Our practice of Neelakantha Meditation is an ancient, beautiful, sophisticated and deeply refined method by means of which we come to know this transcendental, mysterious, deeply present reality of everything everywhere. The first and most important place we come to know it is within ourselves.

Advanced Practice is meant to support, further accelerate, intensify, empower, and deepen your levels of understanding and growth of Consciousness.  When we listen to this inspiration inside, and when we surrender to our own deep calling for more, we begin to experience extraordinary benefits in life.

Paul offers Advanced Neelakantha Meditation Initiation Courses at Regional Events, Immersions and Retreats throughout the year. Please check the schedule for specific dates and locations.

Nataraj - dancing ShivaAdvanced Initiation offers graceful access to continue the traverse home to our inherent freedom and joy. Advanced Neelakantha Meditation Practice allows the vertical movement of Consciousness to the core essence of that which we are. When we merge with such efficacy and grace of practice, we become alive in the very firepit heart of life itself. We begin to see more clearly and we begin to release that which holds us back. We find the pathway of greater expansion into the depths of Consciousness where we access our own creativity, bliss, enjoyment, and delight in life. We unhinge more and more from the grips of fear and contraction and we melt so powerfully into wisdom and grace. We step more deeply into our highest Self.

You are eligible to apply for Advanced Neelakantha Meditation Initiation after 18 months or more of regular practice at Levels One & Two, and 2.5 years or more of regular practice at Level Three. 

Life is full of astonishment, bliss, nectar. And it is also full of extraordinary challenges that demand a reconfiguration of a higher level of Consciousness within each one of us. We must understand that process and how to most beautifully cooperate with it.”  -Paul Muller-Ortega

Hṛidaya Madhya Dhyāna

All practitioners of Neelakantha Meditation are warmly invited and highly encouraged to spend time in deep guided practice ad study.

Hṛidaya Madhya Dhyāna – Virtual Gatherings via Zoom

These experiential online gatherings will deepen your meditation in profound ways as you spend multiple sequential days in deep practice in your own home. Practices and teachings led by Paul Muller-Ortega and other Authorized Teachers of Neelakantha Meditation will radically expand your knowledge and regimen of practices in the householder tradition. The three segments of the Hṛidaya Madhya Dhyāna are geared toward a progressive opening from foundational meditation practice through advanced sequences to support your Neelakantha Meditation practice.

Open to all practitioners of Neelakantha Meditation. Email the office at or check your inbox for registration information.

Save the Date for the Winter Online Gathering, February 24-26, and February 27-March 2. Details coming soon.