Shiva Sutras Seminar

The Shiva Sutras, an extraordinary, rich and nuanced text revered by many spiritual traditions, emits a powerful wisdom stream on the topic of systematic practice and the spiritual path, the nature of Reality and human awareness.

Entering the Heart of Shiva (EHS)

is the introductory course upon which all Advanced Studies are based.  EHS is a truly extraordinary and rare opportunity to learn the Tantric meditation studies and practices from one of the world’s most renowned experts, whereby you learn to dance with the divine source of life itself and unfold the untold possibility inside you.

Advanced Study Courses

includes the extraordinarily rich studies of Abiding in the Khecari Mudra (AKM), the second level course for graduates of EHS, where the focus is beginning to soar and stabilize in the great sky of consciousness.

AKM graduates are then invited to join the third level of study, Rashmi Chakra Mahan (RCM), which is designed to consolidate, refine, and expand the student’s well-established body of practices, to enter into the unbounded essence of freedom and liberation.

Paul Muller-Ortega is now teaching SadaShivacharya, the process of training others to teach Neelakantha Meditation.